OK. Let's say you got a camera as a birthday present. And let's further say that you hadn't had a camera since you were ten. Now add to the equation three adorable sobrinos (nieces/nephews in Spanish), a fabulous godson, your nephew's future wife, some desert treks, and a few photos garanteed to preclude a future in politics. Mix it all together and you've got a slide show no mere mortal would ever want to sit through. Fortunately children are not mere mortals and are perfectly happy to look at millions of pictures just as long as they get to ask questions. With this in mind, I've hastily cobbled together a few pages for family viewing. One day I'll actually put together a coherent design, but for now I'm content to simply get the pages up and running.

Here are your choices:

Plus, if you want to see what Uncle's band is doing, visit www.slipperypeople.com and look at his photos.

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